Pricing Details

Minimum Group size of 6. Can be relaxed to 4

The Arena

2,800 square feet of pure enjoyment

We have a 2,800 square foot arena complete with walls, obstacles, mirrors, portable sniper towers, and hiding spots. Lasertag is played under black lights with surround sound acoustics. Bring your own music or choose from our special soundtracks.

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Outing Types

-Friends, Family, Birthday party's, 

-Extended Family, Club, Orgs, 

-Youth Groups, Sports Teams, 

-Workplace, Holiday Party, Adult,

-After Prom, Out-of-town Guests,

 -Thon, Greek, Afterparty, Band Sectionals,

 -Grandparent/Grandkid, Father/Son

Birthday Parties. Friends, Clubs, Family

Birthday Parties


The Arena is an air-conditioned black-lit 2,800 sqft space with windows, mirrors, tubes to slide under, columns to hide behind, 3 forts to takeover, 3 Lazy-Boy recliners, and 3 portable sniper towers. It is set up like a maze, so there are a lot of different hiding spots. The lighting is fully customizable from full overhead lights to blackout.


The air-conditioned space feels relaxing to sit down in with leather sofas and lots of seating. 

View the 8 HD Arena Cams on 3 65" 4K Monitors in total comfort with 2 top grain leather sofas, 2 leather chairs, 4 plush lobby chairs, and 3 leather benches. There are 2 banquet tables with party seating for 14. 2 fireplaces make it winter cozy.

Pricing and Times:

Open 9 am to 3 am (Latenight) daily. Groups 6-30. It is a great personal experience with just your group.

Pricing and Times

Our Featured Games

Zombie Tag,

Its everyone for themselves as each player begins the game as a survivor. 30 seconds into the game, the zombie outbreak begins and one player is chosen at random as the first zombie, turning them green. 

Any player who is hit three times by a zombie is infected and becomes a zombie. Survivor bonuses are earned for every minute that a survivor remains human.

Progressive Elimination

Everyone for themselves. Earn points for zapping other players and a bonus for every player who gets eliminated before you. 

You can’t win the game just by hiding in a corner, but you must still play carefully.

Catch the Rabbit

One player is randomly selected to begin the game as the rabbit, shown by their vest flashing white in a fast-moving pattern. The player who hits them first becomes the new rabbit. The rabbit earns bonus points rapidly, so find the rabbit early and often to win.


Troy Kugr - Favorite game mode is Rabbit, you'll love it trust me. Overall best Laser Tag place I've been to in years.


Every Element and Base in the arena is capturable. Tag a target to capture it. Earn points for your team for every second you hold one of these targets.

And More

Progressive Elimination, Survivor, Elimination, 

Team Elimination, Capture The Flag....

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the game modes


  • Durable Rubber Cables
  • Front-Opening Magnetic Latch
  • Shoulder Mounted 4-Voice Stereo Speakers
  • Comfortable Rubber Shoulder Pads
  • 1000+Cycle LiFe Battery Packs
  • Color LCD
  • Grip Vibrator
  • Rubber Shock Mounted Board
  • See your Ranking on your gun!

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