Rules and Directions

Lasertag Directions & Rules

Arrival Directions

  • Click to see what to wear
  • Extra layers & things in gray cubbies
    • Gets warm moving, lowest layers
    • Phones/valuables best left so safe
    • Cubbies closely watched, zero steals
  • Bathrooms: women first right, men second
  • Music: Bluetooth hook-up to Receiver “BT Device” under Misc.
    • First-time hookup needs Receiver in BT activation mode (from Staff)

Pay Directions

Vest Directions

  • Take any vest on Rack, Know number!
  • Put it on like a coat
  • Arm in, around back, other arm in
  • Join Magnetic Clip in front
  • Adjust side clips to fit with others help
  • Chest “Huggie” clip keeps on shoulders
  • Unclip gun off carabiner
  • Staff will ask name/code name for scoreboard

Rules and Directions

Play Directions

  • Guns one-hand or two-hand
  • Click to see scoring visuals: Gun LCD: name, score & rank, who shot you
  • Click to see scoring visuals: Scoring: 200 front & back, 100 shoulder & gun
  • Click to see scoring visuals: If hit lose: 50 front & back, 25 shoulder & gun
  • Friendly Fire: both lose points if hit teammate
  • Special weapons brass button front left of gun
    • 1 tap/trigger - Photon Bomb 5’ radius both teams (not you). 3 / round
    • 2 tap/trigger - Invincible Shield up to 5 sec. Shooting deactivates. 3 / round
    • 3 tap/trigger - Rapidblast Machinegun burst 4-6 shots. 20 / round
  • Can view mode on LCD when switching
  • First 15 sec are not active, find hiding spot
  • No reload or reenergize stations: unlimited
  • Game over, Vest speakers notify


  • No Following - if hit somebody
  • No Camping - if hit need to leave
  • No Running - but can walk fast
  • No Physical Contact:
    • NO pushing, shoving, hitting, grabbing of guns, hitting with guns
  • No Bartop Standing or Dancing
  • You can slide, roll, jump, crawl, bound


  • Mazes with hiding & ambush spots
  • Tubes you can slide under
  • Columns to hide behind & play around
  • 3 Forts to commandeer (take over) or hold
  • 3 Lazy-boy Recliners - Lazy-boy Lasertag
  • Mirrors that reflect shots (careful not to hit self)
  • 3 Portable Sniper Towers to get over walls

Payment options

Cash App


Open Venmo, 

  1. click profile picture in the upper left, 
  2. Click QR symbol beside $ cash balance
  3. Scan code 
  4. To scan, you can use someone else's phone to scan the code


Front and back of the vest

+200 points

and if you get hit you 

lose -100 points

Shoulders and the gun

+100 points 

and if you get hit you 

lose -25 points