Rules and Directions

Lasertag Directions & Rules

Arrival Directions

  • Click to see what to wear
  • Extra layers & things in gray cubbies
    • Gets warm moving, lowest layers
    • Phones/valuables best left so safe
    • Cubbies closely watched, zero steals
  • Bathrooms: women first right, men second
  • Music: Bluetooth hook-up to Receiver “BT Device” under Misc.
    • First-time hookup needs Receiver in BT activation mode (from Staff)

Pay Directions

Vest Directions

  • Take any vest on Rack, Know number!
  • Put it on like a coat
  • Arm in, around back, other arm in
  • Join Magnetic Clip in front
  • Adjust side clips to fit with others help
  • Chest “Huggie” clip keeps on shoulders
  • Unclip gun off carabiner
  • Staff will ask name/code name for scoreboard

Rules and Directions

Play Directions

  • Guns one-hand or two-hand
  • Click to see scoring visuals: Gun LCD: name, score & rank, who shot you
  • Click to see scoring visuals: Scoring: 200 front & back, 100 shoulder & gun
  • Click to see scoring visuals: If hit lose: 50 front & back, 25 shoulder & gun
  • Friendly Fire: both lose points if hit teammate
  • Special weapons brass button front left of gun
    • 1 tap/trigger - Photon Bomb 5’ radius both teams (not you). 3 / round
    • 2 tap/trigger - Invincible Shield up to 5 sec. Shooting deactivates. 3 / round
    • 3 tap/trigger - Rapidblast Machinegun burst 4-6 shots. 20 / round
  • Can view mode on LCD when switching
  • First 15 sec are not active, find hiding spot
  • No reload or reenergize stations: unlimited
  • Game over, Vest speakers notify


  • No Following - if hit somebody
  • No Camping - if hit need to leave
  • No Running - but can walk fast
  • No Physical Contact:
    • NO pushing, shoving, hitting, grabbing of guns, hitting with guns
  • No Bartop Standing or Dancing
  • You can slide, roll, jump, crawl, bound


  • Mazes with hiding & ambush spots
  • Tubes you can slide under
  • Columns to hide behind & play around
  • 3 Forts to commandeer (take over) or hold
  • 3 Lazy-boy Recliners - Lazy-boy Lasertag
  • Mirrors that reflect shots (careful not to hit self)
  • 3 Portable Sniper Towers to get over walls


Driving Directions

You can make a left off of East Beaver Avenue and then head down McAllister street, to park at the McAllister parking deck

127 McAllister Alley

State College, PA 16801

This is in the same alley as YallahTaco and right next to the McAllister Parking Deck. We are right under Yoga Lab,

Walking Directions

If you are walking on East College Avenue you'll see three Centennial pigs. A mother and her two piglets. 

Centennial pigs

Walk past the pigs and keep going straight until you see Yallah Taco, and then go past that. You'll then see What A Blast laser tag across from the McAllister Parking Deck.

Payment options

Cash App


Open Venmo, 

  1. click profile picture in the upper left, 
  2. Click QR symbol beside $ cash balance
  3. Scan code 
  4. To scan, you can use someone else's phone to scan the code


Front and back of the vest

+200 points

and if you get hit you 

lose -100 points

Shoulders and the gun

+100 points 

and if you get hit you 

lose -25 points