There are so many different ways to thoroughly enjoy lasertag!

-- Birthdays of all ages child/teenager/college/adult, friends of all ages, clubs, orgs, sport teams of all ages, youth groups, Thon & Thon families, PSU Greeks, families (immediate, extended, reunion, two), business (teambuilders, reward, retreat, recruit, holiday/coworkers, summer camps, adult couples, guys or girls night out  

1 Hour Outings ($13PP cash/check)

Three games in an hour, larger groups are on rotation

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2 Hour Outings ($18PP cash/check)

Birthday parties run best in the two-hour time block.  There is ample time to play lasertag, open gifts and enjoy a Papa John's pizza ( for an additional cost). 

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Late Night Lasertag (open until 3am daily)

Late night lasertag is a great way to wrap up an evening with your friends!  

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Birthday Parties  ($18PP/2Hr cash/check)

Ages 5 to 95.  Girls & Guys.  A 2 hour event with 3 games up front, a break for the party, and 2 more games. Players get a free spring water after the second game.  Papa Johns 14" 1-topping pizzas available for $12 including delivery & tip available. You can bring in a cake/cupcakes/icecream cake with supplies available.  Min 6, Max 30.