Different Nights

Fun Thursdays

Fun Thursdays!!!

Hours, 8pm-11:59pm.

Walk-in unscheduled, 14 players per game, have fun, meet & socialize with others.


*Not available for clubs/orgs, birthday parties.

Open Late-night Weekends

Hours, Midnight-3am.

weekend blast, great before or after your social plans, schedule your friends, outing of 4-28 players. Use Your music!! Brand new vest system.




Hours, Mon-Wed 6pm-11pm

If you refer a club or org then I'll give you a dollar person.

Example: If you get 10 people to come from "Car Club" and you are the one that let that Car Club know about lasertag, then I'll give you $10!!



call (814) 234-8740 for details

$2 off for Fathers/Sons Outing

$2 off Mother/Daughter Outing